Business Development is critical to loan origination. Our services include:
  • Present initial loan prospects to Bank Credit Administrator for preliminary discussion purposes.
  • Assist Bank staff with developing qualified leads.
  • Expand geographic lending footprint without effecting the “community bank” mission of servicing your local community.
Underwriting is critical to credit quality. Our services include:
  • SBA eligibility determination.
  • Borrower prequalification.
  • Preparation of SBA Lender’s Credit Memorandum and Spread Analysis.
  • Use of suitable loan proceeds determination.
  • Borrower and Bank consultation to determine proper loan structure.
  • Site visits according to Bank credit policy.
  • Assist with third party report evaluation and review.
Loan Processing is critical to SBA loan package submission. Our services include:
  • Preparing complete SBA loan package
  • Borrower signing of SBA loan package.
  • Liaison with SBA to respond to SBA questions or additional information and documentation requests.
  • Create digital credit files for Disaster Recovery.
Loan Funding is critical to Bank underwriting and SBA loan compliance. Our services include:
  • Review loan documentation for Bank and SBA compliance.
  • Assist with gathering necessary loan documents for funding.
  • Assist funding staff with obtaining necessary third party documents such as insurance.
  • Review third party documents such as preliminary title report and UCC searches to protect bank’s interest.

Servicing is critical to portfolio maintenance and performance. Our services include: 

    • Periodic review of financial statements furnished by borrower at bank request.
    • SBA servicing actions such as release of collateral.
    • SBA loan modifications.
    • SBA guaranty purchase support.
    • Annual site visits to borrower at bank request.

Portfolio Review is critical SBA loan guaranty compliance. Our services include: 

    • Semi-annual portfolio review for SBA compliance to insure SBA guaranty is protected.
    • Establish and recommend procedural guidelines.